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Founder, Savannah Harmon


The StellaPINK brag belt's have been featured on FOX 4's Morning Blend

 "BRAG BELTS" are also great for mom's and grandma's too! Think of these belts as "Facebook" around your waist.
StellaPINK BFF Brag Belt
StellaPINK custom jean purse - each one is unique

Introducing my new business:

PINK STAR, my dog walking and dog sitting service.


"Pink Star Pets, where your dog is the STAR!"

I will pet sit dogs for the evening, the weekend, or even for the entire week. If you know anyone looking for a trustworthy girl to look after their dogs while they are away.

Please pass on my name and number.

Thank you!

Savvy 239-560-3550

StellaPINK Colorful Necklaces w/ Matching Earrings - only one pink one left in stock.
StellaPINK custom jewelry combo
StellaPINK VIP - 2015 Club Membership

My favorite's ...


my piano teacher, Jennifer at Rick's Music & Electronic's 239-549-1696

my Sniffle Duffle

my pink and blue SnapLites by Michele DePalma at Snap Lites Wigs & Accessories 239-337-1328


my pink chair from in Fort Myers, a whole new way to shop!


my boxing trainer Steve Canton at


my animation project


Cape Coral Daily Breeze Newspaper, Lee County Family News & Southwest Florida Parent & Child Magazine ... thank you for the wonderful features on StellaPINK :-)


Bikers for Christ, KC and the Cape Coral Chapter


Southern Steel Motorcycle Magazine


My mom has her own club that helps women better balance their busy lives ... Surf's UP, find the Ninth Wave!

A site for the fashion SAVVY!

Big Supporter of  Breast Cancer Awareness. On Saturday, October 17, 2015 over 1000 survivors and supporters joined together to created the largest human ribbon.

An amazing experience. 

The 5th Annual "Fun with Fabric" Fashion Show was held on Saturday, October 25, 2014 at 2pm.
Hosted by Prismatek International 4808 Cape Coral Street Cape Coral, FL 33904.
In support of Breast Cancer Awareness

StellaPINK hits the runway at Art Walks the Runway. Designers from all over SWFL showed their latest collections at the Sidney Berne Davis Art Center located in the historic downtown river district of Fort Myers, Florida. Congratulations StellaPINK! If you could not attend, enjoy the images below...
The StellaPINK 4th Annual fashion Show was held at DIY Yogurt on Sunday, October 13, 2013.
Over 100 guests came to watch the members of Club StellaPINK model their favorite fashions and Savannah's own collection of duct tape designs.

Many thanks to

DIY Yogurt
13278 Cape Coral Pkwy E.
Cape Coral, FL 33904

Congratulations StellaPINK!

The StellaPINK 3rd Annual Fashion Show was held at the Pink Petunia Consignment Boutique in Fort Myers, Florida. Below is a short video of the show courtesy of Brendan Forbes, a New York videographer. Many thanks to CeCe for hosting the fabulous event. 

Pink Petunia

9571 Cypress Lake Drive  Fort Myers, FL 33919 (239) 243-8944.

Thank you Diamond Real Estate for shuttling the models to the venue in your beautiful white limo!

Congratulations ... you made it!


What an amazing anniversary party on Saturday, October 15, 2011 at Razzle Dazzle. Over a dozen mom's and daughters modeled clothing from Razzle Dazzle the clothing store on Cape Coral Parkway in a full fashion show! The VIP Party kicked off at 11:30am with makeup artists, a manicurist, a hairstylist and a fountain of sparkling cider.

The StellaPINK launch party was a huge success... Thank you to all that came out on Sunday, 10-10-2010 for the StellaPINK launch held at the very chic Palms Grille, Downtown Fort Myers Historical District. More than fifty friends came to support Savvy C. Harmon and her launch of StellaPINK, a website offering young girls advice on fun, fashion and more. Enjoy!

StellaPINK featured in Gulf Shore Life
Style at Every Age!
True Fashionistas come in all ages and sizes. Savannah Harmon of Cape Coral, Florida created StellaPINK, a website that offers a selection of accessories tailored for her young audience and a section called Club StellaPINK as a place for other budding style mavens to exchange advice on fashion and room decor.
January 2012 Issue

Girls 6-16 yrs can join Club StellaPINK for only $50...

(sibling special $35 per person)

Call to register 239-560-3550

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ADVICE TIP: "Hang your clothes up, it's not good to leave them wrinkled on the floor, plus clothes all over your floor clutters your mind and makes your room messy."

--Savvy C.

ADVICE TIP: "Be a buddy; not a bully! Bullies are just insecure about themselves and it makes them feel better to pick on someone else, don't let that someone be YOU and by all means don't be the bully!"

--Savvy C.

ADVICE TIP: "No need to shave your legs any sooner than you have to, the appropriate age to try this is 13 years old, unless the hair on your legs is black and you're miserably embarrassed then ask permission from your parents and be careful!"

--Savvy C.

ADVICE TIP: "Be a trend-setter; not just a follower. If you believe in yourself, your confidence will make others believe in you too. Trust me on this, people may make fun of you at first but soon they will start wearing clothes like you wear, doing their hair like you do, etc. Just watch, it's amazing how this works!"

--Savvy C.

I support this amazing foundation. PLEASE join me in supporting Nellie who has a dream of helping families of kids with cancer by doing fashion shows.

A little about me...


I was born in Thousand Oaks, CA and spent the first three years splashing around in the waves of Malibu. I currently live in SW Florida and I'm 9 years old. I love to go the beach, there is something about the sun, sand, and surf that makes me feel really good.


I also like art, puppies, riding my bike, singing, shopping and shoes! My shoe of choice is a pair of flip flops. Everything I wear has to look good with flip flops or I probably won't wear it.... I love fashion so much that when i turned 8 years old, I started this business... offers online advice about fashion, friends and fun...


I've also created a membership club for girls, *Club StellaPINK* helps girls have more confidence about being exactly who they are! Our club teaches girls to feel comfortable in every situation.


A StellaPINK member must be strong enough to say NO when they know something is wrong and willing to stand up for what she believes is right. Our members learn how to model clothes, write songs, share ideas and so much more. For more information about our club, you can email me or write a message in my site's guestbook!


Thank you for visiting!

Always a friend, Savvy

I've been boxing lately, its great for exercise and would come in handy if i had to defend myself.  I also love motorcycles... Do you have any interests that would surprise others?

Below are a few pix to show you that you can be interested  in alot of different things. It's not always good to limit yourself to one sport or one hobby. It's fun to learn about new things all the time! Just because I love fashion doesn't mean I can't like things like motorcycles and boxing :-)

StellaPINK is a division of The Surfseekers, LLC and Ninth Wave Enterprises, Inc. More to come...
Contact Us: or or call (239) 560-3550